We offer a subscription program with various pickup locations around town to increase accessibility and reduce waste. Your subscription lasts as long as you want it to! Orders will be bike delivered to your doorstep or driven to your pickup location. If there isn’t a location in your part of town, or questions arise with how to subscribe, send us an email! info@launebread.com

Vacation, holiday, life? More bread? Less bread? Different bread? Pretzels and more? You can change your subscription plan, including putting it on hold, by Sundays at midnight. For last minute cancellations, find a friend to pick up your loaf, or email us and we can donate it!

Why Sunday at midnight? We need to feed our sourdough culture, order flour to be milled fresh, and plan our daily routine. In short, bread takes time and last minute changes make stress.

Terms & Conditions below.

If you prefer to pay the old fashioned way, please contact info@launebread.com to set up a cash/check payment system.
Please send an email to info@launebread.com for inquiries, special orders, comments, or love.


BREAD BREAD ($7) 26.3oz a reliable half wheat/half white sourdough
water, whole wheat flour, wheat flour, rye flour, salt, malted barley flour

BAKERS WHIM ($7.50) 26.3oz a rotating cast of breads (menu & dates below)
including Bread Bread and a 100% Whole Grain Bread

PRETZEL PACK ($12 for 6)
sourdough wheaty pretzel knots. based on a classic German formula, these are hand dipped in lye and sprinkled with salt, and are a perfect snack with mustard, cheese, and radish.

SIMIT PACK ($16 for 6)
sourdough simit, a braided ring-like turkish street bread with molasses and sesame seeds. this adapted recipe is sweet, nutty, and delicious with hummus, herbs, and chili sauce.

made with local oats, this seedy granola is sweetened with Skinny Jake’s Fat Honey, with a dash of maple and butter to balance it out. sunflower, pumpkin, flax, millet seed, shredded coconut, almond, raisin

All orders and changes to your account (holds, plan, add-ons, purchases) must be made by Sunday at midnight.
If the pickup date coincides with a major holiday, or in the event of force majeure, we will notify you of schedule changes, bread alterations or credits/refunds.

Refunds & Cancellations of an order or subscription with a minimum weeks notice. In the event it is less than a week, we suggest you ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your loaf, or email us and we will donate it.
Store credit will be given for missing items and damaged goods.

Pickup procedures are based on your selected pickup location. Your name will be on the pickup list at the site. Please check off your name with the corresponding items when picking up your bread. If your name is not on the list, please do not take anything - contact us to resolve the issue. If your bread is bike delivered to your door, please leave a tote bag available for delivery. Delivery times may vary weekly, based off weather, delivery route, and the power of two legs.

Bread is available until the close of your pickup site (varies by site, check with us or the site for hours).
After the pickup site closes for the day, any remaining bread is donated. If the bread is delayed/unavailable to pickup due to a delivery delay, we will inform you to the best of our ability, and will offer credit in the case of a missed credit.


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