Laune Bread is a subscription and pop-up bakery dedicated to seasonality, simplifying life, and bringing small town vibes to Minneapolis. Our offerings include European-inspired naturally leavened breads and sweet/savory pastries that reflect our commitment to reducing waste and sourcing ingredients from Minnesota farmers and producers.

We honor the skills from time past to create naturally leavened, slow bread with a high ratio of whole grains to develop flavor, digestibility and nutrition.

We bake naturally leavened, hand crafted, hearty bread. We use a sourdough culture that thrives with healthy local bacteria and yeast found in the grains, water, air, and fingers, enhancing the bread's terroir. We are patient with our dough, giving it a long fermentation to develop a depth of flavor and to break down the gluten proteins, making it more digestible and nutritious. Our breads include a substantial portion of whole grain flour and a high percentage of water to make a loaf that has a long shelf life and is moist, digestible, and full of flavor.

As the countryside lived off its harvests and cities off the surplus, it was sensible for a town to obtain its provisions from within striking distance
— Fernand Braudel