LAUNE BREAD is now closed! With a warm heart, we baked our last loaves on April 26th, as we get ready to begin a new adventure in Switzerland. Thank you for all the lo(a)ve, support, and smiles on this incredible journey. Peace, love, pretzeldough.

A subscription based microbakery located in S. -MPLS- devoted to our knowledge, locale, and process. We honor the skills from time past to create naturally leavened, slow bread with a large amount of whole grains to develop flavor, digestibility & nutrition. We source our flour from organic + sustainable farms in Minnesota and deliver by bike in MPLS to reduce our food miles.  

There is no storefront, there is no bakery. Nowhere and everywhere. We rely on the support of the baking community to use their space when it is unoccupied. Lower overhead means we can focus our energy and costs towards purchasing local and sustainably raised / organic ingredients, which come with a higher price for the quality hands used to produce fine goods. We can minimize waste by baking the exact number of loaves needed in a day, and radically reduce food miles by sourcing ingredients from our neck of the woods, limiting our customer base and delivering by bike. 

We make all naturally leavened, hand crafted, hearty bread. We use a sourdough culture that thrives with local bacteria and yeast found in the grains, water, air, and ten fingers. Using local grains enhances the terroir of the bread, matching the bacteria found on the grain, rather than importing it from a different region. We are patient with our dough, giving it a long fermentation to develop a depth of flavor and to break down the gluten proteins, making it more digestible and nutritious. Our breads include a substantial portion of whole grain flour and a high percentage of water to make a bread that is full of flavor, moist, and has a long shelf life. 


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