How to store bread:

For best keeping qualities, we recommend keeping your bread on your counter rather than the fridge or a plastic bag. We place our loaves cut side down, so that the exposed crumb doesn't have exposure to air, while the crust slowly stales*. By using a sealed plastic bag, the crust will soften as the moisture from the bread has nowhere to go, eventually leading to a moldy loaf.

If you don't expect to finish your loaf before it stales, slice your bread and freeze it in a plastic bag, so that toasting is ever convenient.

Temporarily revive your stale loaf in the oven at 175F for 15-20 minutes. 

*Staling has nothing to due with water loss, as bread actually only loses +/- 1% of water content as it ages. Rather, the gelatinized starch molecules form into crystalline regions, causing a tightening effect on the bread. By reheating it, one is temporarily disrupting the less stable regions of the chains comprising the starch molecules. 

How to toast bread:

Preheat your toaster (turn it on empty) once or twice before you put in your slice. With this method, you gain a toasty, crunchy piece of toast that isn't dried out on the inside.

How to use stale bread

Bread Crumbs
Bread pudding