Cultivate from what is around you

LAUNE BREAD is all naturally leavened with a sourdough culture that goes through an overnight fermentation to develop flavor, create volume, and increase digestibility. We use a high percentage of whole grains for flavour, digestibility and the numerous health benefits. By mixing our dough with a high level of water, we are able to make dense bread that isn’t dense. By using a large percentage of whole grains and a sourdough culture of yeasts and bacteria we are able to offer a bread with many beneficial qualities.

 All of our flour is organically and sustainably sourced from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our farmers/millers  include Askegaard Organic Farm // Baker's Field Flour & Bread // Wholegrain Milling

The backbone of Laune Bread is steadfast while the daily movements take on a whim of ease and influence. Heavily rooted in the idea of Brotzeit, our goal is to have bread accessible for any meal, or as a meal. German breads are healthy, often heavy; our breads maintain german roots without the density. There is a rich tradition found in every bakery, with breads that share a history with the region that encompass them. Our goal is to reintroduce good bread into the heart of the meal using that which is near, not far.

We do not rush our breads. We work in unison with the bacteria and yeast cultivated from the wheat, water, hands and air, to reflect the terroir.