Chris MacLeod began Laune Bread in 2015 as a subscription micro-bakery with bike delivery. He realized that working solo was not for him, closed shop, and moved to Switzerland. Returning to Minnesota in 2019, Chris turned the oven back on with the addition of Tiff Singh.

Raised in northern California, Chris discovered bread while living abroad as a student in Munich. Not anticipating a career in baking, Chris studied Rhetoric and German at Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, OR. Only as a form of procrastination did his baking grow.

As befits an accidental baker, Chris’s technique and values are rooted in his travels and mentors, found in idyllic Pt. Reyes Station, CA, Portland, OR, Minneapolis, MN, Basel, Utrecht, Munich, and rural Germany. 


Tiff's first baking job was at her local coffee shop and cafe in St. Peter, MN, a locality that sparked her interest in cooking and baking. The skills she developed there led her to seek more mentors in the Minneapolis baking community (from the likes of Sun Street Breads and Rustica), which ultimately grew into an opportunity to develop a bread program at Restaurant Alma.

Baking has remained a focal point in Tiff’s life both inside and outside of work, a mainstay through times of challenge and growth, a source of joy and respite. Tiff has joined Laune Bread to bring her small town vibes to the city and to continue to evolve and build community through her baking.