Beginning Summer 2018, Laune Bread will reopen within Apfelgold.

LAUNE BREAD opened in fall 2015, a project of rethinking how a bakery - a business - can operate. Without a storefront, without an individual bakery, Laune Bread sold naturally leavened, slow hand made bread through a subscription service, delivering bread by bike. Rather than shipping grain and flour throughout the country, all flour and 90% of other ingredients were sourced from organic + sustainable farms in Minnesota, within 250 miles.The microbakery closed in summer 2017, for the baker to support his better half, and moved to Bern, Switzerland.



We make all naturally leavened, hand crafted, hearty bread. We use a sourdough culture that thrives with local bacteria and yeast found in the grains, water, air, and ten fingers. Using local grains enhances the terroir of the bread, matching the bacteria found on the grain, rather than importing it from a different region. We are patient with our dough, giving it a long fermentation to develop a depth of flavor and to break down the gluten proteins, making it more digestible and nutritious. Our breads include a substantial portion of whole grain flour and a high percentage of water to make a bread that is full of flavor, moist, and has a long shelf life. 


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