Ingredients : Rye // Minnesota 13 Corn

Rye is a very hardy grain, tolerant to cold climates and poor soil, and thus common in northern Europe. Until the last century it was the predominant bread grain in Europe, and in Germany it was the most common grain until 1957, when wheat production outgrew that of rye.


It is high in protein, vitamin B2, B3, potassium & magnesium. It contains a large amount of the amino acid Lysine.


Minnesota 13 is an heirloom corn variety grown in Minnesota, notable for the moonshine distilled throughout Stearns County (St. Cloud) during prohibition. More importantly, this corn variety was a breakthrough in enabling Minnesota and our region to grow corn. Developed by the University of Minnesota in the 1880’s, this corn variety has a shorter growing season suitable to our climate. An open pollinated variety, Minnesota 13 is a beautiful crop to harvest, as each stalk displays a wide range of genetic traits, most notably kernel hues ranging from golden yellow to blood orange red.